Chappelle Stops by the Improv Lab

by Brendon Mulvihill on October 2, 2009 in Stand-Up

Dave Chappelle

Dave Chappelle was spotted last night in L.A. I missed him again. Maybe one day.

Comedian Andy Peters gives us the lowdown:

Here’s what happened:

I was there to say hey to MC Mr Napkins and amazIng hip hop based comedy act from Boston. He was billed to headline the Super Secret Comedy show at the Improv annex – hosted by The Walsh Brothers. Well he didn’t go up and the show didn’t stay a secret. Here’s why:

Previous to the show, there was some buzz. Dave Chapelle was hanging out in the lobby. The rumor was that he might do a quick set at the late show on the main stage. The show was already pretty stacked: Aziz, James Adomian, and others.

The walsh brothers took to the annex stage to kick things off around 9:30, to a very thin crowd – maybe 20.

They did some riffing. About 5 minutes in, the door that leads to the famous Improv Hallway opened. A shadowy figure stepped in said, “Oh, sorry!” And exited. David Walsh said, “That was Dave Chapelle”. To which Chris responded, “I’m gonna go ask if he wants to do a set.”

He did exactly that. He popped his head out and said – you wanna go up. Then in sauntered Chris with Mr. Chapelle following. Dave, with no introduction, walked right up to the stage. He opened with, “I forgot about this room.”

This was the first line to what would be a 2 and a half hour set. It was a very laid back and conversational affair. Needless to say – the room quickly filled up. There was a bit of tension. The staff was not to happy that he was in the annex and not the main stage. The room was just too small. They had to turn people away. Dave embraced the intimate atmosphere. He tried out some new stuff and just had conversations with onlookers, all the while keeping the audience captivated. He discussed his new life living in Ohio to his attempt at a comeback.

By the end of the night Bud Friedman, Chris Tucker, and tonight show booker J P Buck were in attendance. At one point Chappelle announced his desire to launch his comeback on Conan. To which Buck exclaimed: “How about tomorrow!”

So he is on his way!

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